The iconic catchphrase has returned to my TV, along with Greg’s ever growing grin. The new series of MasterChef started yesterday and though the kitchen has under gone a modern make over, it still provided the delicious recipes and comical style we’ve all come to love. The new contestants, from all occupations and cultures, dive head first into the MasterChef journey. There’s no messing around this series. From joiners to students and Japanese to Swiss, I’m certainly looking forward to the diverse array of dishes to inspire my cooking.

The contestants this episode were surely one of the best sets of cooks I’ve seen in the first round. Although some seemed more promising than others, Yorkshire plasterer Tom and PHD student Aki have to be my favourites so far, not one of them produced a comically awful dish (although it was a bit disappointing as that can be quite entertaining). Accompanying the gorgeous looking food was Greg and John’s classic banter. The amusing facial expressions, odd innuendos and dance music gave a nice sense of nostalgia for anyone who has watched previous series and a good introduction for new comers. Although by the end of the programme,most of the contestants looked on the verge of crying (and one of them did!), I was left with a comforted smile, a hunger for the next episode and the MasterChef rumble in my tummy!

If you missed the first episode, catch up on BBC iPlayer!